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  • LAYG "Learn As You Go"
  • Qualfied tutors, Book tuition session by session
  • For those of you who cannot commit to a set time and place to learn a new skill.
  • Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere! From Any Device
  • The complete digital learning environment across all devices
  • Desktop, Laptop, Tablet & Smartphone
  • Internet connection & Skype REQUIRED






Our tutors will teach you from

the ground up, whether you are

a hobbyist, want to get creative

or want to improve your current skillset. Get started today!








 MEDIASOFTWARE  Private TuitionUsing Industry StandardMedia Software and Apps  







Want to know how to use

a particular business software or

app in the form accounts

packages and office programs

like Word, Pages and








Industry professional tutors

will take you through using

music software, production

and business.

We start, where you need

to begin.







 MUSICSOFTWARE  Private TuitionUsing Industry StandardMusic Software and Apps 







 BUSINESSSOFTWARE  Private TuitionUsing Industry StandardBusiness Software and Apps 







Most small businesses outsource

the digital side of the business

for various reasons and at great

cost. Learn how to manage your

digital footprint.








 DIGITALMANAGEMENT  Private TuitionLinking Industry StandardSoftware and Apps  







Whether an individual or small

business, learn to get the best

results and manage your social media expertly.

Become a smooth operator in

a digital landscape.






Digital Philosophy helps you understand how to think in the on-line landscape, become more efficient at home, in the workplace and in business.








 DIGITALPHILOSOPHY  Private TuitionUnderstanding and thinkingabout the digital landscape 







 COMMUNICATIONS& SOCIAL MEDIA  Private TuitionUsing Industry StandardSoftware and Apps  



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